Elder care


There are now a large number of Elders staying in their homes due to the high risk of their catching Coronavirus, this risk is still a priority for everyone. Even though Elders can have 1 other person in their homes, it's encouraged to keep that number down and take extra care because of the higher health risks to them.

If you're taking food or groceries to Elders, it's still best to leave it at the door. If you're doing housework for Elders you must both wear a mask, it's best to keep a bit of distance between you and them, even while you're sitting for a yarn and a cuppa.

Some Elders are feeling isolated and alone, with some who:

  • can’t get to their doctor for medical treatment and prescriptions renewal
  • can’t get out to do shopping
  • can’t cook their meals
  • don't have a laptop or ipad so can't talk to family and friends on Facetime, Zoom or Skype etc
  • only have television for company
  • are in hospital and can only see their family one at a time.

Aged Care Workers at some ACCOs and hospitals are assisting Elders by:

  • shopping and delivering groceries and medicines
  • ringing once a day to say hello and have a yarn
  • delivering 2 meals a day - every day
  • delivering activity packages such as arts and crafts, puzzles, magazines and books
  • ensuring (where possible) Elders in hospital and at home have ipads or laptops to video call family and friends 
  • helping them pay their bills


If you know an Elder who has little support, you can visit them, or call them, to find out if they need your support. You can also contact their local ACCO Aged Care Worker to see if they are receiving assistance or if any is available to them.

You can find your local ACCO here.

Elders who are in hospital can ask to speak to the Aboriginal Health Worker or Aboriginal Hospital Liaison Officer for assistance.

Most importantly get in contact with your Elders. Connect, find out if they need help of some sort. It could be having groceries dropped off, a yarn and a cuppa through a window or a telephone call or Facetime.