Rental evictions and rent increases

Start Date

23 April 2020


COVID-19 Omnibus (Emergency Management) Bill

This bill was introduced to Parliament on the 23 April 2020, and will:

  • Uphold the temporary ban on rental evictions and rent increases. It will boost mediation support to help landlords and tenants negotiate fair rental agreements for those who have been impacted financially by COVID-19. Landlords may sell their properties if it is deemed reasonable via a VCAT process.
  • Providing six additional months of weekly WorkCover payments for long term injured works who are due to transition off these payments.
  • Permit judge alone trials where the defendant has agreed and prosecution have been consulted. The cases that proceed will be determined by the court baring in mind the right to a trial by jury, submissions from victims, etc.
  • No relax to thresholds for bail or sentencing of offenders.
  • Enshrine operational arrangements already in place in prisons and youth justice facilities. Including, upholding protective measures and public health measures for those inside; confirm restrictions on prison visits; give power to give medical treatment or transfer to a medical facility in line with public health advice; mandatory quarantine for new prisoners. Protective measures implemented for those working in prisons and Youth Justice facilities. Minimum period given for those in Youth Justice facilities; observed every 15 minutes in Youth Justice facilities; provided access to medical and mental health support; increased video access visits with family.

The Omnibus Bill will be in place for 6 months and may be amended during this time. Bill and any amendments to bill will expire after the 6 months.

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