Sorry business


Sorry Business is already a stressful and sad time without having to worry about coronavirus and social distancing. However it is something we'll all have to deal with to look after each other.

Staring 2 August 2020 (throughout all of Victoria) for funerals there are up to 10 people + people conducting  the funeral allowed to attend. This is really difficult for us mob because paying our respects is a huge part of who we are and how we live our lives.

Another way to currently pay your respect to someone who's passed into the Dreaming though, is by respecting the lives of that person's Community. Keeping yourself, your families and your Communities at a distance, shows the greatest respect for all the one's we've lost and their family and friends.

Mob from all over Australia have begun paying their respects to loved ones who have passed, by streaming into services via Zoom, Skype, Whatsapp etc. This is a strange way for us to show our respect, but to keep mob safe and healthy, we have to follow these steps.

Ask someone from the family or funeral service if this has been organised for any funeral you need to attend, and get yourself invited.

Please be gentle with each other during this time and know we'll get through it.   

If you do attend a funeral

  • If the funeral is in a small indoor space not every one of those 10 people may be allowed in as it's 1 person for every 4 square meters.
  • There is no touching such as hugging or kissing unless you live with those people.
  • Visiting gravesites is discouraged but if you do, the same social distancing rules apply.
  • There are no exemptions to these rules and they are monitored by the authorities. 

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