Cultural Safety

For more information, or to make a booking, please contact our Cultural Safety Team or on 03 9411 9411. 

What is cultural safety?

Cultural safety is about providing quality health care that fits within the familiar cultural values and norms of the person accessing the service that may differ from your own and/or the dominant culture.

How is cultural safety different to cultural awareness?

Cultural awareness focuses on raising individuals knowledge about cultural experiences that are different from their own. Cultural awareness training maintains an ‘other’ rather than clear self-focus for participants. Cultural awareness also tends to have an individual rather than systemic focus.

VACCHO's Aboriginal cultural safety training encompasses some of the information that is often included in cultural awareness training. We do, however, build on cultural awareness training and provide practical tips and skills that can be utilised to improve practice and behaviour, which assist in making Aboriginal peoples feel safe. In shifting the focus to health systems, our participants begin to learn how to strengthen relationships with Aboriginal people, communities and organisations so that access is improved.  

How was VACCHO's cultural safety training developed?

Our Aboriginal cultural safety training was developed in accordance with the National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisations (NACCHOs) Cultural Safety Training Standards.

During the design of our training, we consulted and collaborated with various key stakeholders, including:

  • the Victorian Aboriginal community
  • our Member organisations
  • mainstream health organisations
  • the Victorian Public Sector and Services

We asked Aboriginal people "what would you like non-Aboriginal people to know about you?" We also asked non-Aboriginal people "what information would help you work more effectively with Aboriginal people?" 

We then trialled and tested our training with the Victorian Aboriginal community, including Elders, employees at VACCHO and our member organisations, health workers and other key stakeholders.

In June 2012, we began to deliver our training. Since then, we have delivered our training to more than 1,250 people across Victoria. We're excited to think of the implications the completion of our training will have in program and policy design and the delivery of culturally safe services to Aboriginal people and communities. 

How is VACCHO's Aboriginal cultural safety training delivered?

VACCHO's Aboriginal cultural safety training is delivered in three stages:

Pre-training: during this stage, we will create and send a unique, online Pre-Workshop Self-Reflection Activity for all participants to complete. This assists us in ascertaining the knowledge that already exists within the room and gives participants the opportunity to note any existing questions they would like addressed in our training.

Training: during this stage, we will deliver our interactive training and provide each participant with relevant materials (including a training pack and our 60 page learner resource guide). At the end of the training, each participant will complete an evaluation.

Post-training: during this stage, we will provide each participant who successfully completes our training with a certificate of participation. Where we deliver to a group, we will also provide the booking agency with an evaluation summary for future reference and recommendations (this summary is the collated responses of each individual evaluation).

For more information, or to make a booking, please contact our Cultural Safety Team or on 03 9411 9411.