Capturing the dreams of Aboriginal Victoria for 2030

Posted by Policy Unit on 15 April 2016

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At VACCHO we’ve placed a time capsule within the walls of our building in Collingwood to mark our 20th anniversary as the peak representative body for Aboriginal health in Victoria. 

“We sincerely hope that the time capsule when it is opened in 2030, will be a true reflection on positive and progressive changes in the political environment and the lives of our mob” Marcus Clarke, VACCHO Chairperson says.

VACCHO Board members, VACCHO staff, Members organisations and community members were asked “What do you want for Aboriginal families and children in 2030?” 

The answers to these questions provide a visual aspirational document for future generation to understand where we have come from.  It will also help measure the successes achieved by 2030. 

The recurring themes were better health outcomes for Aboriginal people and finally closing the Aboriginal Health Gap by 2030.

Other inspirational and yet extremely achievable answers were:

  • Long term bi-partisan support and funding for Aboriginal health and well-being including a Future Fund for the benefit of all Aboriginal Victorians
  • Aboriginal languages to be strengthened, taught in schools and embraced by all
  • For Aboriginal families to thrive and for kids to be raised safe and strong in community and culture
  • A Treaty in Victoria that serves all Aboriginal families and children

“There was even the hope for an Aboriginal Prime Minister of Australia.”


For further information and enquiries contact Dana Pyne or 0438 539 541

 Download the media release here. PDF