By making a bequest to VACCHO you will make a significant difference to Victorian Aboriginal Organisations and communities 

Leaving a gift in your will is a great way to support the vital work of VACCHO. By leaving a percentage of your estate, a sum of money or other assets to VACCHO in your will you’ll be positively affecting the lives of many Victorian Aboriginal peoples, including children and families. Your gift, regardless of the size, will be gratefully received by VACCHO.

Sadly, in this current day it is a reality that the Victorian Aboriginal population still suffer significant disadvantage and poverty.

Recent statistics reveal:
  • In Victoria one in fifteen Aboriginal children aged 0 – 17 years was in out-of-home care on 30 June 2012 – compared to one in 222 among non-Aboriginal children.
  • Aboriginal people are three times more likely to experience high and very high levels of psychological distress than non-Aboriginal people. Young Aboriginal people are also over-represented in mental health statistics, with psychoactive substance use and mental disorders explaining much of the health gap between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal young people aged 15–34 years.

  • The perinatal mortality rate of babies of Aboriginal mothers in Victoria is approximately twice that of babies of non-Aboriginal mothers. Similarly, child mortality in Victoria for Aboriginal children aged under 5 years is more than double the non-Aboriginal rate.  

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women are 35 times more likely to be hospitalised as a result of family violence than other Australian women.  

  • Aboriginal people are approximately 2.5 times more likely to suffer from a chronic disease and/or have a disability than non-Aboriginal people.  

By leaving a gift in your will you are helping to close the disadvantage and disparity gap that exists between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal peoples. 

For types of gifts that you might consider leaving to VACCHO click here 

Should you wish to advise VACCHO of your willingness to leave a gift we would love to get in touch with you, or even send you our quarterly newsletters, so we can show you the great work we do with the Victorian Aboriginal community.

For further information please download our FAQs: Leaving a Gift in your Will 

If you have any questions about leaving a gift in your will to VACCHO, please contact your solicitor or ring VACCHO and ask to speak to our Bequest Officer on 03 9411 9411.