Australian General Practice Training Program

This state-wide program works simultaneously to increase the uptake of GP Registrar training opportunities in Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services (ACCHSs) across Victoria through promotion to prevocational doctors and GP Registrars; and also works closely with VACCHO's 27 Member organisations and the two Victorian GP Registered Training Organisations to build workforce capacity and GP Training Accreditation within the sector.

Victorian GP Registered Training Organisations

  • Eastern Victoria General Practice Training (EVGPT)
  • Murray Country City Coast (MCCC)

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VACCHO’s ongoing work to increase accreditation and promotion of ACCHOs to train GP Registrars:

  • VACCHO continues to work with the Victorian GP Registered Training Organisations to accredit our ACCHSs who are not yet accredited to train GPs, but who have the will and potential to be.

  • VACCHO continues to coordinate meetings with GP Registered Training Organisation staff to identify accreditation and GP placement opportunities and reduce barriers through ongoing information analysis.

  • VACCHO continues to work with all GP Training stakeholders to promote the opportunity to work in Aboriginal health to GP Registrars, pre-vocational doctors and GP Supervisors.

Other GP Industry stakeholders that VACCHO collaborates with include:

Commonwealth Department of Health, RACGP, ACCRM, GPRA, IGPRN, AIDA, GPSA, RDAV, RWAV.

For more information, contact our Australian GP Training Liaison Senior Project Officer, Danielle Thomson on 03 9411 9411.

Work in Aboriginal Health in Victoria: GP Training

GP Registrars who work in Aboriginal Health Training posts in Victoria share their experiences in a new video: Work in Aboriginal Health in Victoria: GP Training.

GP Registrars from around the state from Lakes Entrance to Echuca, Bendigo to Heywood spoke of how working within the Aboriginal model of health has made a difference to them professionally and personally – while they have made a difference to the health of their Aboriginal patients!

GP Registrars who work in Aboriginal health learn about local Aboriginal culture; experience  comprehensive primary health care, great support, and opportunities unique to Aboriginal health.