Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Training Accreditation

GP Training can be a fantastic experience for the training doctor and ACCHS, with many benefits for all involved. ACCHSs who wish to train Registrars must become accredited GP training posts. The following information answers many of the frequently asked questions.

How does our ACCHS get GP Registrars?

The first step in the process to training GP Registrars is to become an accredited Aboriginal health training post.

An ACCHS can become an accredited and train GP Registrars through a relatively easy process.

How does our ACCHS become an accredited Aboriginal Health Training post?

There are currently two levels of GP Training post accreditation available, based on the level of GP Registrar you can train.

Most of our ACCHSs have Level 2 accreditation and train senior GP Registrars in their second year of training (GPT3 and beyond -Subsequent term, Extended Skills and Awaiting Fellowship).

Accreditation post requirements/ process

  1. RACGP Accreditation:  If your Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Service (ACCHS) has RACGP accreditation through AGPAL or GPA plus, achieving Aboriginal and or Torres Strait Islander Health Training post accreditation is relatively easy.
  2. Nominated GP Supervisor: GP Registrars require supervision from a suitably qualified GP either in your clinic or via a remote supervision arrangement.  VACCHO and the Training Providers can assist in determining whether GPs within your clinic are eligible to supervise Registrars.GP Registrars require a documented teaching plan and provide structured dedicated clinical teaching
  3. Nominated Cultural Mentor: All GP Registrars require at least one Aboriginal staff member to be assigned to them as a Cultural Mentor
  4. Practice Infrastructure: GP Registrars require access to a designated clinically equipped consulting room, and a specified patient load in order to provide an optimal training environment. 
  5. Site visit and GP Training Provider Accreditation Form: Your local GP training provider will work with you to schedule a time to complete a site visit and the attendant accreditation form.

Ongoing work to increase accreditation of ACCHOs to train GP Registrars:

  • VACCHO continues to work with the Victorian Training Providers to accredit our ACCHOs who are not accredited, but who have the will and potential to be.
  • VACCHO continues to coordinate bi monthly meetings with Training Provider staff to identify accreditation and GP placement opportunities and reduce barriers through ongoing information analysis.
  • VACCHO continues to work with all GP Training stakeholders to promote the opportunity to work in Aboriginal health to GP Registrars, pre-vocational doctors and GP Supervisors.