Health Evidence

VACCHO's Health Evidence Team supports Aboriginal community controlled organisations to use and improve their primary health data to ensure the best possible health outcomes for their communities.


  • Manage a state-wide primary health data repository
  • Co-ordinate the (Members) Data Advisory Group
  • Co-ordinate and create content for VACCHO Improvement Cycles – clinical quality improvement 
  • Present health data back to ACCOs 
  • Provide Pen CAT support (including CAT4, Top Bar and PAT CAT) 
  • Advise on PIRS support
  • Provide support around nKPIs and reporting
  • Analyse health service data for advocacy and research
  • Provide support around telehealth
  • Provide advice and guidance on clinical quality improvement
  • Advocate on behalf of Members across all the above areas

To find out if we can work with you, please contact our Team: Chris, Nadia, Janina, Heather, Sarah, Amanda, Jesse or Rowena on 03 9411 9411.