Services we offer

What services can we offer your ACCO?

Clinical Quality Improvement

  • Help you develop, implement, monitor and evaluate a clinical CQI project
  • Invite you to our annual clinical CQI Forum
  • Support your development, implementation and monitoring of your CQI Action Plans
  • Help you with reporting for your CQI Action Plans
  • Help you analyse your clinical data to work out what your needs for improvement are
  • Provide tools, templates and frameworks to assist your CQI projects
  • Coach you and your staff through a CQI project
  • Explain what clinical CQI is!
  • Develop training packages to meet your needs
  • Support you to reorient your health service to a preventative model
  • Support you to undertake screening and preventative health activities

Health information

  • Help you better understand your community health issues
  • Support you with your PIRS (Medical Director, Best Practice, Communicare)
  • Connect you to professional trainers for Medical Director, Best Practice, Communicare workshops
  • Create custom dashboards or reports based on your communities’ health information
  • Analyse your health information to find gaps and opportunities
  • Support you with using Pen CAT4, Topbar and PATCAT
  • Create Pen CAT licences for you
  • Help you with data cleansing and data quality improvement
  • Support you to identify your clients who might benefit from telehealth
  • Support you to better use the MBS to build a sustainable funding model for your service

Research advice and guidance

  • Offer advice and data for developing research projects
  • Offer advice on engaging with researchers, universities and research institutions