Working Together for Health

Working Together for Health (WTFH)

The Department of Health and Human Services has provided funding to encourage a coordinated approach to deliver culturally safe health promotion, prevention and early detection services across the State, particularly in relation to smoking, oral health, sexual and reproductive health, eye health and cancer prevention and screening. 

Together with VACCHO’s teams and individual ACCO’s we will explore provision and frequency of external and internal services, gaps in service delivery, opportunities for improvement and culturally appropriate creative ways to engage the community, especially in the early stages in order to maintain optimum health outcomes.

Working closely with the ACCOs and the local community members is imperative as this will drive the project, identify opportunities for improvement.

The WTFH Project State Coordinator’s position is situated within the Health Evidence Team, VACCHO. This provides strength to the project as data and data analysis underpins all of the WTFH activities, especially:

• identifying at risk populations,
• identifying client’s eligibility for health promotion activities such as Quit Programs, Breast Screen
• identifying under screened populations, bowel cancer screening and breast screening in particular.


For more information, please contact the Health Evidence Team.