Human Rights Day

Human Rights Day

Fri, Dec. 10, 2021

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December 10 is the anniversary of the adoption by the United Nations (UN) of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). The UDHR sets out a certain set of rights that are the basic and minimum set of human rights for all citizens.

Setting aside a day to commemorate, educate and reflect on the principles that form the UDHR means celebrating the rights we exercise everyday as Australians, and acknowledging that enjoying those rights carries with it the responsibility of promoting these rights for all people.

Things that many of us take for granted – such as the right to an education, the right to receive medical care, and the freedom to practice our chosen religion – are not equally available to all Australians and people in other parts of the world.

Many individuals and communities will be commemorating and celebrating December 10, and pledging a commitment to maintain and improve people’s human rights wherever possible.