Sector development

VACCHO’s Sector Development Team supports Aboriginal community-controlled organisations (ACCOs) to use and improve their primary health data to ensure the best possible health outcomes for their communities.

How can we help support your Aboriginal community-controlled organisation?

Clinical Quality Improvement (CQI)

  • Explain what clinical CQI is!
  • Help you analyse your clinical data to work out what your needs for improvement are
  • Help you develop, implement, monitor and evaluate a clinical CQI project
  • Invite you to our annual clinical CQI Forum (Movement By Improvement)

Health information

  • Analyse your health information (including creating reports) to better understand your community health issues
  • Support you with using PenCAT4, Topbar and PATCAT
  • Help you with data cleansing and data quality improvement
  • Support you with your Patient Information Record System (Medical Director, Best Practice, Communicare, MMEx)
  • Support you with Audits to identify areas for improvement and highlight areas where VACCHO need to invest in providing additional support or resources
  • Support you to identify your clients who might benefit from digital health
  • Support you to better use the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) to build a sustainable funding model for your service

Research advice and guidance

  • Offer advice and data for developing research projects
  • Offer advice on engaging with researchers, universities and research institutions

We work for our Members in collaboration with other Aboriginal Peak Bodies, the National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (NACCHO), Federal and State Governments, Primary Health Networks, Communicare and research institutes and Universities.

We have a growing library of resources including information on:

  • Patient Information Record Systems (Medical Director, Communicare, Best Practice)
  • Pen Computer Systems (CAT4, PAT CAT, Top Bar)
  • Data cleansing
  • Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS)
  • Clinical Quality Improvement (CQI)
  • VACCHO Improvement Cycles (VICs) – recorded webinars and presentations
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander MBS Flow Chart

Some our programs and initiatives include Digital Health, Working Together for Health and VACCHO Improvement Cycles (VICs).


To access our library of resources or to find out how we can work with you and your Member organisation get in touch with the Sector Development Team by filling out and submitting the form below or by phone 03 9411 9411.


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