Looking after your sexual health

Start Date

13 May 2020


During COVID-19 you still need to keep looking after your sexual health through testing and treating blood borne viruses and sexually transmitted infections (STIs), getting your medication and regular monitoring.

Any close contact can pass on COVID-19 and STIs, so its important to have open communication with partners and practice safe sex (using condoms). STIs and COVID-19 may have no symptoms, so the only way to stay safe is to get checked.

Below are some links to help you get the advice and services you may need:

 Hepatitis B and C Clinical Guidelines during COVID 19

  • ASHM Clinical Guidelines for hepatitis B
  • ASHM Clinical Guidelines hepatitis C
  • Hepatitis Victoria Infoline is open free call statewide 9am -5pm 1800 703 003. 

HIV Treatment and Guidelines during COVID 19

STI BBV Sexual Health Testing and Treatment Services

Pregnancy Contraception and Sexual health

  • 1800 My Options: free call help line 1800 696 660   10-4pm  Mon-Fri, Information contraception, pregnancy options
  • Pregnancy and CIVID 19 Factsheet
  • Contraception and terminations are available to avoid unwanted pregnancies, through telehealth if needed).

People using drugs/ Needle Syringe Exchange (NSP) during COVID