Artists Expression of Interest

At VACCHO, we’re committed to collaborating with artists, designers and creatives from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in Victoria. This ensures our work connects to Culture in meaningful ways through art and design.


We commission various artworks to feature on key pieces of collateral such as publications, programs and projects. Current opportunities are listed below, further details on how to apply are included in each expression of interest (EOI).

Please note that applications are ONLY open to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people living in Victoria.

EOI - Artwork for a Contraception Resource

We are seeking to commission a new artwork for the Aboriginal Women’s Contraception Resource project. This project aims to develop an online and paper-based resource for young Aboriginal people who are seeking to make their own contraceptive choices. We are seeking to purchase the original artwork and have exclusive rights to use the work on publications, social media and other collateral as required.

Application deadline: 6 November, 2022


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