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VACCHO’s vision is for vibrant, healthy, self-determining Communities. We start at the roots.

On Our Foundations we grow our Strong Voice, reaching high and wide like branches of a tree. From these branches, new leaves grow. Our Communities will flourish, and we will see Health and Healing.

VACCHO is committed to strong monitoring, evaluation, and learning to demonstrate our impact and be accountable to Community, our Members and our funding partners.

VACCHO Impact Report FY23

Our annual Impact Report is a tool to measure and showcase the impact VACCHO – in support of our Members – has for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities across Victoria. Reporting in this way strengthens our accountability back to Members, Community, and our funding partners.

It demonstrates how we’re delivering on our Strategic Plan and the outcomes we set out to achieve.

We measure what matters –

focusing on outcomes and the change we want to see for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

We build evidence of what works and why –

capturing lessons learnt and promising practise to drive improvements in health and wellbeing for our people.

We are a strong voice for the Aboriginal Community Control Organistation (ACCO) sector –

producing evidence from our work to influence policy and decision-makers.

We are committed to evaluating our work and transparently publishing the results in evaluation reports.

Our monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) approach is guided by our MEL Principles: Recognition, Self-determination, Community Building, Ethics, Accountability, Transparency, Effectiveness and Cultural Continuity.


Culture + Kinship Evaluation Report

VACCCHO’s Culture + Kinship progam focused on Culture and Community as key drivers of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people’s’ health and wellbeing.

The program returned a social value of $8.29 for every dollar invested.

The Report demonstrates that focusing on the cultural determinants of health, there are constructive approaches that can be taken to close the gaps in health and wellbeing disadvantage.

Download the full report here

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