Quality, Accreditation and Governance

VACCHO provides a range of services to our Member Aboriginal Community Control Organisations (ACCOs) to ensure they are strong, thriving, sustainable community controlled organisations.

We want our members to achieve and maintain relevant accreditation status, quality processes, business development and governance.
It is our vision that all ACCOs have the capacity, resources, skills and knowledge needed to provide high quality services to their Communities.

Quality and Accreditation

VACCHO provides support to ACCOs and VACCHO Member organisations throughout Victoria to achieve and maintain quality improvement processes and accreditation status. This is in accordance with applicable standards including health service, whole-of-organisation accreditation or certification and other relevant to community services operating in Victoria.

This includes promoting accreditation, supporting organisations to develop and implement relevant business systems and to integrate accreditation with broader service delivery activities.

Contact us for more information on Quality and Accreditation.

Rainbow Tick Accreditation

VACCHO is Rainbow Tick Accredited and can support VACCHO Members in their Rainbow Tick Accreditation journey.

Continuous Quality Improvement

In August 2023, VACCHO hosted the Movement by Improvement – CQI Forum on Wurundjeri Country and brought together staff from Member organizations and supporting stakeholders to share innovative service delivery practices.

Over two days, participants engaged in workshops, yarns and discussions on CQI tool utilisation, fostering a culture of safety and quality, and heard presentations on impactful programs. Key speakers from national projects and local ACCO’s highlighted data, digital health, and innovation in service delivery, showcasing the positive impact of small changes on community health.

VACCHO plans to continue fostering this energy created through the forum to support Member Organisations with Continuous Quality Improvement and will host the forum again in 2024.

Governance and Board business

VACCHO is committed to assisting our ACCOs achieve and maintain good governance practices.
We can offer a range of services for our Members, including:

  • governance support, coaching and advice
  • Board and CEO forums
  • tailored support for Boards and management
  • various governance tools

Contact us for more information on how we can assist your organisation’s governance and board business.

Consultancy services

VACCHO provides consultancy services in the areas of cultural safety, organisational management and business development. Our staff have vast and specialised experience in delivering culturally appropriate and tailored services across a range of sectors.

We have developed strong relationship with key stakeholders, developed a suite of resources and tailor our approach in order to deliver the best outcomes for your organisation.

We can also provide advice on referral pathways in areas for further development.

Services are available to our member ACCOs as well as the broader community. Our clients include corporate and government agencies, mainstream not-for-profit organisations and others within the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community.

Contact us for more information on the types of consultancy services we have on offer to assist your organisation.

Strategic Planning and Review

VACCHO offers a wide range of strategic planning services to develop a clear strategy for your organisation. We enable ACCOs and other not-for-profits to:

  • Set strategic goals
  • Develop a strategic plan including clear performance indicators
  • Undertake annual review processes

Our process takes into consideration a number of critical factors involved, including:

  • Facilitating Board discussions
  • Running staff workshops
  • Enabling Community input
  • Identifying key stakeholders and potential partners
  • Assessing the broader service environment using research and data analysis
  • Balancing the financial plan of the organisation with long-term visions.

These services are available for a fee on request. Contact us on 03 9411 9411 or by email for more information.


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