Our vision

VACCHO’s vision is for vibrant, healthy, self-determining Communities. On Solid Ground is our five-year strategy focused on strength, sustainability and innovation for generational change.

From 2021-26, we will move towards an outcomes-based approach: sharpening our focus on what matters, measuring what counts, and determining the future with our Members and Community.

The guiding principles on which this strategic plan is based are Culture & Kinship; Our Choice, Our Way; and Knowledge & Innovation. These will steer the organisation as we work towards the three key priorities in On Solid Ground: Our Foundations; Strong Voice; and Health & Healing.

Download and read On Solid Ground here.

On Solid Ground

On Solid Ground

Watch the launch event for On Solid Ground here.

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VACCHO Impact Report FY22

VACCHO’s annual Impact Report is a tool to measure and showcase the impact VACCHO – in support of our Members – has for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities across Victoria.

The Victorian Aboriginal Health and Wellbeing Workforce Strategy

The Strategy aims to support a strong and able workforce, across the Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisation sector, to deliver holistic health and wellbeing services to Community.

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