Our vision

VACCHO’s vision is for vibrant, healthy, self-determining Aboriginal communities. On Solid Ground is our five-year strategy focused on strength, sustainability and innovation for generational change.

From 2021-26, we will move towards an outcomes-based approach: sharpening our focus on what matters, measuring what counts, and determining the future with our Members and Community.

The guiding principles on which this strategic plan is based are Culture & Kinship; Our Choice, Our Way; and Knowledge & Innovation. These will steer the organisation as we work towards the three key priorities in On Solid Ground: Our Foundations; Strong Voice; and Health & Healing.

VACCHO’s vision of vibrant, healthy, self-determining Aboriginal communities includes all LGBTQIASB+ community members. We welcome and embrace the diversity of our Rainbow Mob.

Download and read On Solid Ground here.

On Solid Ground

On Solid Ground

Watch the launch event for On Solid Ground here.

Other recommended documents –

VACCHO Impact Report FY23

VACCHO’s annual Impact Report is a tool to measure and showcase the impact VACCHO – in support of our Members – has for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities across Victoria.

The Victorian Aboriginal Health and Wellbeing Workforce Strategy 

The Strategy aims to support a strong and able workforce across VACCHO’s Member organisations, to deliver holistic wellbeing services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

Our ACCO Way of Working

VACCHO has developed a series of Capability Framework resources for Members that describe the ways of working and capabilities required by all people working in the ACCO sector at VACCHO Member organisations.

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