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Note: We use Australia’s First Peoples and variants of this terminology as inclusive and representative of all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

Cultural Safety Accreditation – UNDER DEVELOPMENT

In 2020, VACCHO began developing Victoria’s first Cultural Safety Accreditation (CSA) program to enable organisations to undertake an in-depth review of their systems, processes, and people to transform cultural awareness into culturally safe practice.
In March 2021, Victoria’s Health Minister announced funding to support the development of this vital work to ensure Health organisations across the state engage with the CSA to promote and prioritise culturally safe and inclusive healthcare in Victoria.

The CSA development is a lengthy process involving research on relevant state, national and international legislation, policies, and existing Accreditation models, consultation with Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Communities and peoples, VACCHO Members, VACCHO staff, healthcare organisations and professionals, government agencies, lawyers, and all other relevant stakeholders, as well as the development of Accreditation Rules, Standards, processes and appropriate tools and resources demonstrating best practice. We are committed to creating a community-controlled CSA that champions self-determining, culturally safe practices for all First Peoples living in Victoria

VACCHO’s CSA is currently under development and will launch in July 2023.


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