VACCHO Improvement Cycles (VICs)

The VACCHO Sector Development Team seeks to embed clinical quality improvement (CQI) in a state-wide, collaborative and data-driven approach to assist staff in all Victorian Aboriginal community controlled organisations improve patient outcomes and the sector’s sustainability.

One of the key engagement and improvement activities we undertook to achieve this goal was with the VACCHO Improvement Cycles (VICs) – a regular three-month series of webinar-based content delivery and discussion. The series was open to all Aboriginal community controlled organisations and their staff, including Aboriginal Health Workers and Aboriginal Health Practitioners, GPs, nurses, allied health providers, management, medical reception and administrative staff.

The VICs focussed on key topical health issues most relevant to Community including Alcohol, Diabetes, Asthma, Chronic Disease Management, Physical Activity, Sexual Health and Women’s Health and Wellbeing.

Recordings and presentations for all the VACCHO Improvement Cycles are available by contacting the Sector Development Team.


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